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ILT2000 : Educational Technologies Supergem Assignment
by Platform Administrator - Monday, 22 February 2010, 10:26 AM

LLC 2000: Educational Technologies

Assignment: Developing an Educational Website using Open-Source Authoring Tools (XERTE)

The webpage of the assignment is also available at http://vcampus.uom.ac.mu/edtech/assignment.htm

Description of the work:

In this activity, you will conceive and develop a simple educational website in a particular field of your interest. The website will consist of multimedia elements that you can include and will consist of about 15-20 pages. You will use the tool called XERTE to develop it.

We have put a local copy of our server for you to download.

The link is http://vcampus.uom.ac.mu/xerte/

To master the tool, a series of video tutorials are available at the following address:


You can also download the video tutorials as a single compressed RAR file. You will need WINRAR or WINZIP to decompress it. You will also need a Flash plug-in to view the video tutorials.


A sample of the potential of XERTE as an educational website authoring tool can be found at the following address:

http://vcampus.uom.ac.mu/xerte /volcanoes

Once you have developed your course content, package the files on a CD, and also upload your files as a single zip/rar file on the VCILT server, at the following address:


If your packaged content is too big to be uploaded, please write to k.liwanyan@uom.ac.mu

Assessment Criteria

You will be assessed on the following:

· Simplicity of Layout (20%)

· Navigational Structure (20%)

· Presentation of Content (20%)

· Pedagogical Value of Website (20%)

· Inclusion of Multimedia/Graphical and Interactive (e.g. quizzes) Elements (20%)

Reading Materials

Start & Submission Date

Start: Monday 22nd February

Submit: Wednesday 5th May 2010

Non submission of assignment entails automatic failure of the module.