• BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering
  • BEng(Hons) Civil Engineering - Module Fluid Mechanics 2 CIVE3220

    This module is a semester module,offered in the first semester of level 3. It consists of two parts;the first one which is a continuation of Fluid Mechanics, this time applied in Open Channel flows and a second part which is on Hydrological Principles, where the concepts learnt in Fluid Mechanics are applied.
  • Programme of Studies: B.Eng (Civil) Full Time Year 3
    Module Name: Civil Engineering Management
    Module Code: CIVE 3001 Y

    The objectives of this course are for students to;

    -understand parties involved in the construction process nnd their duties

    -understand the diferent phases of a project

    -understand the methods available for contract procurement

    -understand the use of insurances and various protection devices on a contract
  • Programme of Studies: B.Eng (Civil) Full Time Year 1
    Module Name: Engineering Materials
    Module code: CIVE 1002 Y

    The objectives of the course are for students to

    1. Understand the basis of materials science involving the relationships between the performance of material in a certain application to the structure of the atoms

    2. Select a material based on considerations of performance, properties and costs

    3. Understand the limits of materials and the change of their properties with use

    4. Understand why certain materials are used in civil engineering

    5. Understand the physical and chemical properties of materials that make them suitable for use in civil engineering

    6. Be able to measure some of their properties in the laboratory

  • CIVE 1005Y - Surveying (BEng Civil Engineering)